Do you like to be comfortable?

Me too! This is a newsletter about what it takes me to get comfy — sometimes it’s moisturizers and exfoliants, sometimes it’s fur blankets and short stories. I am a journalist and should say up front that I do not receive any products from companies, these are all boondoggles I actually bought myself, can you believe it!? If you want a recommendation for something, it is often the case that I have one (unless you are asking for something like, I dunno, camping, which is just not a thing I do, although I do like to sit in front of a fire). Subscribe for recommendations, and to get full access to the newsletter and website.


Barrie Hardymon
Senior editor, NPR. Covers books and news for money, skincare and textiles for fun. Mom to offspring, wife to Steve Lickteig, podcast guy at